White Hall Brokers LLC is the most complete, one-stop solution for CRE deal flow. Currently marketing 5% of all US investment sales over $2M, White Hall Brokers LLC provides many benefits to qualified commercial real estate buyers: Principals can actively manage their profiles to reflect their current investment strategies. Principals receive only investment offerings that match their criteria. Principals can customize their acquisition criteria by asset type, geography, price, class, size, and many other factors. White Hall Brokers LLC does not share private information with third parties.


Anything less than maximum market participation is unacceptable to sellers, and by marketing their assets on the White Hall Brokers LLC platform, sellers can achieve broad exposure. Depending on details of the individual asset, brokers and sellers can expect over 100 potential buyers. Strong participation helps create competition, results in more offers, and helps ensure optimum pricing. The efficacy of utilizing the White Hall Brokers LLC Qualified Principal database is a result of the following: White Hall Brokers LLC conducts regular surveys to make sure Principals' acquisition criteria are accurate and up-to-date. Principals enthusiastically accept listings from a trusted source resulting in one of the highest Inbox delivery rates in the industry. White Hall Brokers LLC does not buy or subscribe to lists from third parties to artificially inflate database numbers. What we forfeit in quantity, we gain in quality. Using White Hall Brokers LLC is just a better way to do business. If you or your clients are contemplating a commercial real estate asset or loan sale, learn how you can leverage the White Hall Brokers LLC Qualified Principal Database.